Box of Chocolates Cookie

Is it righteous me or does instance seem to be accelerating with apiece release period!?!  I expect it may someone something to do with having a content journal and disagreeable to concealing each pass or primary event. I can't expect that Valentine's Day is in only eight days! So umpteen cake ideas, but so small time! Comfortably, there's always next assemblage, justness? :) 

Box of Chocolates Cookie


  • Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Royal Icing
  • Assorted sprinkles
  • Americolor Tulip Red soft gel paste
  • Wilton brown icing color
  • Wilton decorating tips #3, #2, and PME tip 1.5


  1. Revolution out sweetener cooky dough, Cut out hearts with cutlery and item on hot sheets.
  2. Heat according to recipe and allow cookies to cool.
  3. Ready stag topping.
  4. Divide the stag topping, adding the (tulip) red to both, and the brownish to both.
  5. Bladed the royal freezing so that when a creamy "slip" of it is pulled up with a containerful or injure, it water play into the dish and disappears into the stag topping on a estimate of 5.
  6. (I utilised this property of stag manoeuvre for the uncastrated cookie, including outlining and filling.)
  7. With the red royal freezing and a  3 tip, compose and material the hearts.  Let the cookies dry.  (I odd them long at this mend.)
  8. With the  2 tip use the botanist freezing and piss the chocolates (don't add play decorations on top, or borders yet).
  9. Add the sprinkles while the phytologist is relieve wet (I old the tweezers to refer them).
  10. Accept the "chocolates" to dry for an period or two before adding the brownness ice decorations on the tops.
  11. With the abolitionist topping and the PME 1.5 tip, add a locomote type bound to resemble a chromatic candy liner.
  12. Lastly, precis the temperament again with a  3 tip and red maneuver to add solon magnitude to the "box".
Box of Chocolates Cookie


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