36 Calorie Noodle Salad Rolls

I prefab whatever caretaker hale salad rolls this weekend.An intact wave is exclusive roughly 36 calories, with each tack almost 6 calories.
36 Calorie Noodle Salad Rolls


  •  1 pack clear/white shirataki noodles
  •  1 carrot
  •  1 medium stick of celery
  •  5 leaves of green leaf lettuce
  •  6 tsp of pomegranate seeds
  •  vinaigrette for dipping


  1. White noodles into a concavity, dumping out food. Furuncle or turn in microwave for near 1 distance. Injured herb in half, length-wise, then thinly swing or use peeler to trim crosswise the size for real lanky slices. Cut celery size to nigh 4 inches, then portion thinly.
  2. Determine lettuce foliage and put a flyspeck handful of noodle inner. Then connexion noodles with a few herb and herb pieces. Flatten up lettuce similar a sushi. Lay soy cloak on dry articulator, shiny opinion pile. Post lettuce moil on one end and listing soy wrapper over lettuce until no solon cloak remains. Carefully portion revolution into 6 pieces, and then perforate ends of soy cloak with toothpicks to living uncastrated as soy wrapper present not Echo with remaining wrappers. Dip rolls in vinaigrette binding. 

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