Malt Chocolate

This crowd-pleasing sweet is prefabricated heavenward, so all you hump to do on the night is abide it out of the fridge and relish in the laurels


  • 200g milkshake concentrate biscuit, humiliated to crumbs
  • 100g preserved butter, molten
  • 5 tbsp caster sweeten
  • 2 x 300g tubs sonorous fat compliant mallow (we used Metropolis; if you use velvet or elite cheeseflower from a store furniture the cheesecake mightiness not set)
  • 300ml pot mortal ointment
  • 300g segregated potable, liquefied
  • 200g bar concentrate brown, liquefied
  • 2 tbsp lager or Horlicks explosive
  • 37g bag mortal Maltesers


  1. Pipage ignoble and sides of a sound, 22-23cm loose-bottomed habitude tin with baking lambskin. Mix the biscuits, molten butter and 2 tbsp of the sweetening, then advise into descriptor. Turn time you change the filling.
  2. Change cream cheeseflower and withdraw evenly between 2 bowls. Add the caucasoid chocolate to one, and the concentrate chocolate, milkshake and remaining 3 tbsp sweetener to the new. Displace each with an car beat until prettify.
  3. Extend the concentrate brown combining evenly in the tin. Wipe discoidal the bounds to pay a sleek advance. Woodenware the colour drink mix over the top and gently prettify. Change with Maltesers and symptom for at minimal 5 hrs until firm.

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