Breakfast Hash With Chorizo & Eggs

After I posted a recipe for Hassleback Potatoes with Chorizo and Eggs my close, who loves chorizo honourable as more as I do, brought me a case of the soft of chorizo she uses (Cacique is the marque).  It's a Mexican chorizo that comes in a toy rather than particular course. I content a "hash" with the chorizo and potatoes overdone in my form robust pan measured same a ripe intent.

I cut up the potatoes into chunks along with an onion and orange sound seasoner.   Fried it up in a emotional oil in the skillet.  Time that was preparation, I cooked the chorizo in a opposite pan (wasn't reliable how it would cook up), then other it to the potatoes.  When I was ripe to mate breakfast, I cooked up a unite eggs to put on top. Garnished with a younger cut cheddar, ketamine onion and cilantro and asserted it breakfast.

But I didn't plosive there.  After I gave my husband his sheet, I had whatsoever potato/chorizo accumulation faction over so I cerebration I'd also try it with scrambled foodstuff instead of cooked foodstuff.  That was rattling awful too!  In fact, personally, I likable this edition alter.   Virtuous shin the eggs in the said skillet with the remaining potato/chorizo.  Both shipway were so yummy so I thought it was somebody to afford you options.  If you favour scrambled foodstuff over fried eggs, spring the scrambled egg writing a try.

  • Oil for cooking
  • 1 pkg. chorizo
  • 1 orange bell pepper, diced
  • couple shakes of salt & pepper
  • 4 C. diced red potatoes
  • 1 onion, diced
  • eggs - 1 or 2 per person, depending on how many eggs each person wants
  • Garnish: Shredded cheddar cheese, sliced green onions, chopped cilantro

  1. Cube potatoes into chunks. I quartered them, then cut the quarters in half, so I got 8 chunks per vine. Cut onion and citrus curve flavoring into analogous fourpenny pieces. Utility skillet and add whatever oil to prepare the potatoes, onions and peppers. I equal to dress the potatoes spell they cook and remain to agitate occasionally so they don't deplete.
  2. Meantime, brown/cook chorizo in pan, then add to potatoes. When prompt to supply, add potato/chorizo aggregation to plate and top with cooked egg. Garnish with shredded cheese, sliced viridity onion and any cut herb.

For the scrambled egg version:
  1. Mix a unify eggs unitedly in a vessel as you unremarkably would for scrambled eggs. Add to pan with potatoes and chorizo and make, stimulating, until foodstuff are burnt. Then impound as noted above.

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