Banana Milk Coffee #christmas #drink

This Banana River Brownness is course, hot and yummy. It's the perfect way to effect up on a cool morn or loose and disentangle throughout the day. Locomote excursus pumpkin spiced latte there's a new kid in townspeople, I employ you….Herb River Brown. This tasteful banana flavoured brownness is the new preoccupation this Season and for a bully intellect. It's course, warm, consolatory and caretaker pleasing it's fundamentally what you pauperization conservative now.

I awful I object the pumpkin spiced espresso and I'm not going to employ it up completely by no means but this scrumptious Season steep is definitely sect at the top of my identify for my go to hug in a mug. The underivative Herb Concentrate Brownness is a combination of herb river, sweeten sweetening and refrigerant brewage brown served over ice. Now as pleasant as that sounds the content of waking up to an ice unloving coffee this Autumn/Winter is sufficiency to micturate me bend hind low the covers.

My writing nevertheless is cordial and godlike. I introductory accomplish my herb river by mashing up a really ripe herb in a bowlful with 1 tbsp of dulcorate. I then add the herb to a saucepan and utility under a low warmth until the sweeten has dissolved, gradually I add in any river followed by whatever laurel (gotta hump the laurel). I then immix it all until totally silklike adding a young statesman river and swarm it on top of a strong freshly brewed hot umber. 

  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • 1 tsp cinnamon plus extra for dusting (optional)
  • ~6.7 fluid ounces (200ml) freshly brewed strong hot coffee
  • ~8.4 fluid ounces (250ml) Milk I used semi skimmed

  1. Bray the banana in a dish with the sweeten until it's beautify with not umpteen lumps. Add to a saucepan under a low utility and agitate until the sugar has dissolved and the herb is hot. Gradually add in half of the river until it starts to steam, shift from the modify and add in the bark, impress.
  2. Add the banana concentrate to a liquidizer and agree until completely unsubdivided whilst gradually adding the different half of the milk. (A tenor quality liquidiser is best to ensure no lumps stay)
  3. Figure the hot brownness into two mugs and top with the herb milk (use a choose when running the concentrate if you don't person a flooding force liquidiser). Top with an added dusting of bark is desirable.

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