Tasty Sleigh Riding Teddy Bears #chritmas #candy

You only status 4 ingredients for this ply. You can use other candy bar if you equivalent - I choose snickers because those are my husband's competition candy bar
I also went with mini plaything grahams - you can use the sane size if you only requisite one toy produce per sleigh - I welcome 2 ( who would essential to go sleighing incomparable …. I imagine I put WAY TOO such thought into that)

  • 20 Mini Candy Canes
  • 10 Snicker Bitesize Bars 
  • Frosting ( Chocolate )
  • 20 Mini Teddy Grahams

  1. On the lower of apiece candy bar post topping
  2. Pose 2 candy canes on the bout of each candy bar
  3. Freezing the bout of each plaything gospeler and approximate on the candy bar
  4. and you are through
  5. Savor!

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