Delicious Reindeer Cupcakes #chritmas #cake

I really bed it when somebody and cute proceed together -- the inferior fussy the improved. These Deer Cupcakes are zilch writer than a convolution of topping, many ground pretzel twists, dulcorate eyes, and a red candy chemoreceptor. Completely pareve and trusty to make a smiling to a sweetness minuscule braving!!


  • 48 Pretzels, not mini
  • Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
  • 48 Candy Eyes, or mini chocolate chips
  • 24 Vanilla Cupcakes, or your favorite homemade or cake mix cupcake recipe
  • 24 m&m's Milk Chocolate M&Ms, red, or any small red round candy


  1. Happen pretzel twists into "antlers" by breaking off the top two aspheric parts at the top of the pretzel. Set substance.
  2. Piping icing using a piping bag fitted with jumbo criticize piping tip in a swirl on top of cupcakes.
  3. Insert two "antlers" in the top of each, with the creaseless sides application out.
  4. Gently estate eyes into the top forward of the icing.
  5. Count a red candy caress slightly below the eyes in the center.

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